Pro RC 250 LT Ritchey Chretien

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Pro RC 250 LT Ritchey  Chrétien
250 mm, F/8
(2000 mm) LK7
Zero Expansion carbon truss tube design, unique ed innovative
primary cell design, four Losmandy type dovetail, primary mirror
three fans ventilation. For full details download brochure.

Optical characteristics
The Pro RC Series Ritchey Chrétien telescopes
made by Officina Stellare are built
around the best quality optics today
All optical sets are realized under precise
quality requirement conditions, using the
highest renewed standards in terms of
quality of the materials being used and
the production processes involved.
Each optical set is provided with his own
interferometry report stating and certifying
the overall quality to the customer. In the
making of the optics, we only use blanks
of certified origin and perfect homogeneity.
The materials can be chosen between a
wide range, varying from borosilicate to
Pyrex to Sitall and other low expansion ceramic
type glasses. We offer, as a standard,
very high reflectivity protected aluminizings
and multi layer anti reflex coatings.
It is possible to make special coatings
(silver, gold etc.) for specific wavelength
related needs. We have an in house,
pneumatically insulated, 6 meters long
and 500 Kg weight optical bench using a
Zygo mark IV interferometer with phase
shifter coupled with a highly sophisticated
analysis software for producing extremely
precise measurements and tests. We verify
each and every one of our instruments
before delivery to the final user.
We can also produce real sky tests using
our private observatory with our high capacity
mount and several large format
CCDs in order to match the customer’s
imaging train.
The RC advantages
The advantages of the original Ritchey
Chrétien (RC) optical scheme are very
well known since their introduction. It's the
most diffused optical scheme, adopted
by professionals all over the world. The
Hubble space telescope itself uses the RC
configuration. It is a peculiar variation of
the more classical Cassegrain scheme
that uses only two hyperbolic shaped mirrors.
The use of this aspherical curvature shape,
very difficult to achieve, results in a very efficient optical system, particularly suited for astrophotography
and professional use. The use of only two optical surfaces
guarantees the minimum possible light loss and the resulting
telescope is “aplanatic” whichmeans coma free (the coma is
one of the most known off ax is optical abberations that
greatly degrades the quality of the images and probably the
most annoying one). The resulting stellar images are particularly
well corrected along the entire illuminated field and the
small residual field curvature (particularly low, thanks to the
smallmultiplier factor of the secondary mirrorwhich is typically
half the factor of the common Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes)
is easily corrected using custom designed corrector
Sometimes just one lens is enough, and the flatteners are only
needed with the use of very large CCD sensors. Many users
operate the telescopes for imaging without the use of such
correctors. This is obtained with the perfect coupling between
the field of view, the pixel size and the focal length in respect
to the medium viewing conditions.
In such a case, a very well corrected and just reflective telescope
ismore flexible in terms of use, allowing the user to operate
in a more wide range of spectral frequency without
having any chromatic aberration issues. This particular aspect
of the telescope is sometimes determinant in the final decision
for particular research fields.
The Pro RC Series range
Officina Stellare Pro RC Series telescopes cover a very broad
range of needs, from 10 inches (250 mm), to 28 inches (700
mm), but it is possible to built even larger scopes on request.
Apart than these “classical” solutions, Officina Stellare has designed
and built a series of optical add-ons and optical variations
that widen even more the flex ibility of use for the final
The most important of these is certainly the Ultra CRC Series
(Ultra corrected Ritchey Chrétien). It start with a
12,5” (320mm) F/5,4 telescope using two hyperbolic shaped
mirrors and a correcting two elements lens group inside the
rear cell (which is part of the optical scheme and not just a
field corrector) that guarantees the highest level of performance
for wide field photographic applications still maintaining,
not like many other commercial solutions on the market,
the less possible numbers of optical elements in order to max imize
the performance.
The resulting optical performances allow the most prolific use
of the largest available CCD sensors in terms of corrected, illuminated
and flat field and also resolution using small pixels
(the spot size of the telescope is always smaller than the smallest
pixel of the modern CCD's and in the range of 5 microns
over the entire field).
We also offer for our customers a complete series of field flatteners,
with one or two lenses, with three or four inches clear.

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