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Please Phone or E-Mail to check stock availability, we do not keep all items in the shop, some items are kept at the warehouse.

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We have the largest range of telescopes, ranging from 60mm to 500mm in diameter.Reflecting, refracting, advance reflecting and Casegrain telescopes. We are the biggest retailer of Celestron products in South Africa and also sell other known brands. We are at your service, delivering country-wide, by secure courier.






Dew-Not Dew Heaters


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Hotec Crosshair Laser Collimator


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Are you interested in astrophotography?

Please see the “Categories” index on our Homepage. Click on “Gallery” and see what we have created for each and every astronomer, hobbyist, amateur and professional, to make use off.

  • Join this astrophotographer community.
  •  All are welcome. Beginner, amateur and professional alike.
  • Create your own account on the gallery and add your own photos.
  • Give constructive comment on any astrophoto.
  • The intention is to allow everyone to benefit and learn from input provided and an image of the month will be chosen. Each image of the month will go toward compiling an astro-calendar.

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Bahtinov Focus Mask
Bahtinov Focus Masks Bahtinov Focus Masks

These Bahtinov focus Masks is the best way to focus your telescope when doing Astrophotography.

The centre image is in focus where the outer image is slightly out of focus.
Our Bahtinov Focus Masks is laser cut from ABS plastic is almost indestructible.

New Sun filter and holder

Solar filter and holder/cover to fit on your telescope.
The Baader film is easily replaceable on these solar filter holders.
Film fits flatter than any other holder currently available for much better focus.
Standard size Covers supplied with filter holders for front and back. This means that this Filter material is fully protected in storage against damage.
Sponge rubber on internal ring for a perfect tight fit. The filter holder is laser cut and engraved on MDF wood and sealed with a clear sealer.

Perfect fit solar filter and holder.
The Baader film is easily replaceable on these filter holders.
We can make any size holder for Telescopes.

Please supply us with:
Circumference of front edge of tube:

Looking at the sun through a telescope will magnify the sun intensity many times and will cause blindness.
Never look at the sun without a proper Sun filter or damaged filter.
Cheap Eyepiece sun filters is very dangerous and should be thrown away.
Sun filters should fit tight on a telescope and can even be taped down by duct tape for safety.

Solar filter and holder 5Solar filter and holder 4
Supplied with front and back protection covers.

We are a big suporter and sponser of WRAC or West Rand Astronomy Club. http://www.wrac.org.za/


Light Pollution

How much energy can be saved if we use the right light fittings, lower power light ratings.
Most of the light fittings is selected wrongly due to ignorance and what is available on the shelf. The big light company's is also to blame as the don't care about the type of fittings being sold as long as they make the sale. Low power Led lights is available from the manufactures but nothing is available on the shelves of the big resellers. Wish I had a answer to this.

Street lights is the biggest culprits due the high wattage of these lights and the big number of street lights been used. The government departments is also not really interested in changing over to low power LED lamps to try and save energy as this is not their problem. They rather transfer the power problem to private individuals to fix rather than to take leadership and get the individuals to follow. With current light fittings it is my guess that we can save between 15% and 45% by just changing the street light fittings in South Africa. Changing to LED lights will save a further 50% of energy. 25% of all energy used is for lighting. The luminance can also be lowered if the right fittings and LED lamps is used. The total saving on power is then 65%. WOW.
How many street lamps do we have in South Africa? I guess we can save at least another two Power stations.

More lights won't decrease crime

Skyglow and crime in England and Wales.
Click on the image below for much more information.

Good and Bad light fittings

Example of lighting that can result in disability and discomfort glare.

Example of reduced glare improves lighting.

Light pollution hurts our economy nature health and security.

Badly and good designed street light.
Let us all promote flat bottom lens fittings with full cut-off light fittings.

No light should be emitted above the light source.

Monthly Specials For January

Green laser pointer 50mW
Green laser pointer 50mW
R696  R348
Save: 50% off

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